Friday, January 22, 2010

I don't think we're in Pine Valley anymore, Toto.

I'm not one who goes ga-ga over seeing Hollywood movie stars, or, for that matter, washed-up comedians from Seinfeld who took a wrong turn at an LA comedy club some years back and now find themselves jobless wandering around the UWS just like me!

I do, however, have a soft spot in my heart for those who, as my grandma called them, are on "My Stories." For a huge portion of my adolescence I watched soap operas. I watched, at 11am, one soap on NBC, and then, for the rest of the afternoon, watched the entire ABC soap line-up. There are the powerful and power hungry women: Dorian Lord and Erika Kane; there are the wealthy families with unscrupulous patriarchs: the Quartermaine clan and the Buchanan family; and then there are the lovers: Luke had Laura and Tad had Dixie. Now, we all know that Tad "the cad" has had his fair share of Pine Valley's finest, but I'd like to focus on that sweet, southern, red-headed belle, Dixie. She was my favorite. I believed in her character so truly. Well, I didn't really think that Dixie was from "way down south in Dixie", but she's always seemed so good, and sweet, and pure. Ahh.

Now, if I ever need my fix of "Dix" then I can just look up at one of the many TVs on at the gym and see her on All My Children, or I can just look to my left or to my right and REALLY see her. Spoiler alert: the red-hued hair is a dye job, and she probably is of Yankee rather than Confederate extraction. Still, it's pretty cool to be sweatin' along side one of my favorite soap stars.

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