Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's make nicey-nice!

-three women, much misdirected anger and upset. I don't know exactly what the reason is behind one woman crying at the box office, another woman raising her arm and clawing her fingers up toward the ceiling in a weird mafioso-like gesture, and, yet, another woman fixing her green eyes on me and, through clenched teeth, demanding that I tell her what films are sold out. Well, I partly know. These are people who expect to be spoon-fed their information without having to participate in the conversation as equal partners. What they are hoping is this: that I do my work and I do theirs, too.

The New York Jewish Film Festival brings out a lot of complicated emotions for folk. Given the history of many of the films' attendees, I can understand why. Really, I can. But, please, it's not fair for any of these customers to dump on me or my co-workers because they are feeling put out, misunderstood, or not quickly enough served. We're all here now in 2011 trying to get along.

Here's a small list of questions that I really don't have any answers to, but get asked repeatedly: when did this film sell out? How many people will be in the stand-by line for tickets? How many tickets will be released to sell to the public right before the start of (insert name of sold-out show here)?

If we're all such trying people to talk to at the box office, then I suggest that you call: 212-875-5600, then press 1, in order to hear a recorded voice name the list of sold-out shows. And, if you do feel that you could handle a nice communication with us, then, please, provide us with the following information: the day, time, and name of the performance in question. To ask, "what shows are sold out?" just doesn't really help me help you. Come prepared, and we will, too.

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  1. Update on the film fest: Yesterday, I had a woman bat repeatedly at my arm in order to gain my attention. I responded with, "Hi, my name is..." and gave her a hearty handshake. Lead by example, as someone once said.


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