Monday, February 28, 2011

Orchids and Onions

Lest you think I'm really that clever, I should tell you that the name of this blog was lifted directly from my junior high yearbook list that chronicled all that was good and bad about whatever it was that was happening during any given school year.
I have really vague memories about what we teeny-boppers found to be both tolerable and intolerable during my one-year stint at the school, but I remember the format of the page.

It looked a bit like this:

Orchids to...
Onions to...
Orchids to...
Onions to...

It was repetitive, but did the trick. Today, after having experienced an "up" moment, I spoke with my mom, and received unsettling news. So, in true junior high fashion, I'll share the information here.

Orchids to...going down to City Hall and obtaining a marriage license.

Onions to...finding out that my mom's house is in the process of being foreclosed upon.

For a bit of comic relief, below is a picture of me from junior high. I'm at my best friend's house. Note the pictures of rock-n-rollers taken from the pages of Cream and Circus magazines that were taped up on her bedroom wall behind me.

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