Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two sides of the same, tired coin: DIY/Bespoke

If I had a penny for every time that I ran across either of these terms emblazoned across a storefront, headline, photo caption, and, heck, bus shelter ad, then I'd have a fuck-load of worthless coins and an overly stuffed wallet and an even more sour attitude than I usually have.

I don't remember hand-built furniture being referred to as "bespoke", but now it's being termed as such:
If those are an example of "bespoke" living room pieces, then, um, no thanks.

Would that then mean oil paintings really are just bespoke pictures, and stand-up comedy is just bespoke language?

Time was when the term "bespoke" only referred to tailored clothing.  And, if I'm correct, it really only referred to fancy, men's suits and such.  Back in the 70s, I don't think that I could get away with saying our mom made us kids "bespoke" clothing.   We'd needed something decent and yet affordable to wear to elementary school, and that was that.

I remember my older sister, June, had Mom make her a pair of wide-legged red pants with the Coca-Cola logo recurring all over them.  They were ridiculous.  But, hey kids of the 8th grade, don't laugh, those pants are bespoke!

Bespoke coffee

Bespoke mustache
Bespoke gin

And, as for DIY, don't use this term if you can't back it up.  I've noticed a lot of hardware/electrical supply stores here have "DIY" written across their awnings.  Well, stuff like that works to get me into the store as I have some American lamps that I'd like to re-wire.

Lured by the storefront signage, I recently went into a one-off hardware and appliance shop to inquire if they had electrical cords, plugs and such for re-wiring foreign lamps.  "No, we don't have anything like that.  Check B&Q (UK's Home Depot)."  Okay, I guess I'll help you run yourself out business.  Or, here's a better idea, stock items that actually pertain to the DIY bit on your signage.  And, no, light bulbs don't count.  -neither do screws or nails. 

When my Dad changed the oil on his car, was that DIY?  No, it was a guy changing the oil on his car, as most people did back when I was a kid. 

Don't let's label what was and, for many of us, still is standard behavior as something more than it is, and let's also realize that most of what we pay someone else to do for us we used to do for ourselves!

DIY fruit and veg
DIY Hairsalon

DIY lunch

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