Saturday, June 14, 2014

Classic cocktail: Sazerac

The use of rye whiskey makes for an interesting and truly tasty cocktail.  For instance, take the modern day Manhattan recipe that usually calls for bourbon and instead add rye bringing that drink back to its roots.  There's one cocktail recipe that certainly doesn't need its whiskey tampered with and that's the Sazerac.  Traditionally, this cocktail was made with rum.  Today's version uses rye and here's my take on it:

2 ounces of Rye
3-4 dashes of Peychaud's bitters
bar spoon of simple syrup
lemon twist/peel

Ice a bucket (here I used a coup√© cuz I'm fancy like that), then add a splash or so of Pernod, swirl it around then dump out contents.  In a mix tin (one half of a Boston shaker set) add rye, bitters and simple syrup over ice.  Stir with bar spoon until cold.  I usually just slowly shake mine until cold and it is never bruised.  Strain contents of tin into bucket coated with Pernod and squeeze lemon peel over the cocktail.  I like to also rim the glass with the peel before discarding.  For the purposes of taking a 'fun' photo I have garnished the cocktail with peel.  

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