Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Head Shots

I suppose that I wouldn't want some one-eyed, snout-nosed, horse-toothed chump serving me a drink as it might put me off my ale, but, in the main, such folk just aren't going to be behind a bar. Would requiring prospective employees to send pictures via email, often being referred to as "head shots" as if one were going out on an audition for a part in a Broadway production, to the hiring managers prevent such a disaster? Or, really, are most people palatable enough, so that all who come through the door with resume in hand be given a fair shake based on EXPERIENCE and PERSONALITY and not based on whether or not they are, ahem, "hump-able"?
I'm sorry, but if the neon lights are on, and nobody's home, then I ain't stayin' for a second draught!
P.S. Just like Dudley Moore once did, I think Susan Anton is hot.


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