Tuesday, October 25, 2016


S. comes to the counter and takes out his phone. He starts scrolling and sighing. I ask him if he were all right. -tells me his daughter had just sent his wife an ugly email. S. quotes: 'I don't appreciate your shoving your politics down my throat!'

I like S. He's a sexist old git, but I like him. His wife is sharp as a tack & really nice. I figure that the daughter must be a jerk. I tell S. I'm sorry. Then he starts to rant about his daughter being 'stupid'. I think he's being harsh, even though, I assume, she must be a Trump supporter. Then S. says, way too loudly, 'I mean who in their right mind would be vote for Clinton?! Everything that comes out of her mouth is LIE!' I tell him that I, for one, will vote for her. S. walks out the front door muttering crap about 'nasty women'.

S., it turns out, is the one who's stupid.