Wednesday, February 22, 2017


The onslaught of rain in recent months means that we, after about five years, are officially out of drought conditions here. I saw a man watering his lawn in broad daylight the other afternoon, and thought: Good for you! The one downside of all the rain is that severe flooding & mudslides are displacing many from their homes, and, in some unfortunate cases, taking lives. The Red Cross has opened numerous shelters in flood zones around California for those affected & thank goodness.


Trump's still publicly trumpeting ridiculous statements that don't jibe with reality. His latest blather made it seem as if there were specific, targeted unrest in Sweden recently due to the influx of immigrants/refugees there. Sweden's US Embassy twitter account posted this in response: We look forward to informing the US administration about Swedish immigration and integration policies. Translation: they ain't having it. Former Swedish PM, Carl Bildt, also weighed in with this gem: Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking? Questions abound. Well, Carl, expect to be detained at length by TSA were you to come to the states during Trump's reign.

Bork! Bork!

Press Secretary Melissa McCarthy, perhaps so fatigued by having to constantly defend Trump's verbal gaffs to the press, he hasn't yet garnered the strength to respond to 'last night in Sweden'. To be honest, he's probably too busy attacking the good people at the Anne Frank Center right now. Take a break, Spicey, you've sort of earned it.


I'm currently taking a German course at a local school. Today, I availed myself of the language lab as part of my course requirements. It was my first time in the lab & I had no idea how to access the online course lessons. Sat near the students' area, I spied a German instructor who, I thought, was on-hand to help. (Well, at least that's what her colleague at the check-in desk led me to believe.) I turned to the instructor and said: ich bräuchte Hilfe/I would need help.  She said: Sie brauchen Hilfe/You need help. Ja, I said and continued to speak to her in German. She then responded to me solely in English. My German, in Germany & German Switzerland, is met with German & Swiss German, respectively. That means that my German, to put it crudely, doesn't suck. Why the instructor responded in English, I don't know, but it was off-putting at best. Before the meat of the exchange really kicked off, as I was settling in to my computer spot, she was making her way to leave. Her 'shift' was over, I guess? Not yet daunted, I did ask her if she knew where the online German instruction was to be found, and she obliged before dashing away. Note to self: don't rely on the language lab German instructor for help in the language lab regarding German. Ah, bless this school.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I ain't Abbie Hoffman...

but in the interest of 'clickbait', the opinion website, Breitbart, would paint all who dare ask our paid reps in Congress to hear us with such a 'radical' brush.  

The piece from Breitbart regarding our small demo at DiFi's compound over the weekend---

Radicals Besiege (italics mine) Feinstein Home to Urge Rejection of Trump Cabinet

Approximately 200 radical leftists protested and picketed outside of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)'s Pacific Heights mansion in San Franisco (nice typo) on Sunday to oppose what they have labeled as her 'pro-Trump voting record' because she voted in favor of confirming a few of the president's Cabinet picks.

'It's disgusting', organizer Ben Becker said, according to 'It's completely inexcusable'. Becker reportedly organized the protest and unofficial town hall with Michael Petrelis, who emceed the event. 

The best part of this 'opinion essay' is their having used an image I tweeted to show our gathering at the Feinstein compound. I'm (in)famous. At least 13 people (and two 'eggs') hate me on Twitter.

The offending twitter pic. Ah, the 'carnage'. It's like inner-city Chicago, right Donnie?

Feinstein — who has a liberal voting record — has so far voted in favor of confirming James Mattis for Secretary of Defense, Mike Pompeo for CIA director, John Kelly for Secretary of Homeland Security, and Nikki Haley for U.S. ambassador to the U.N.
On Tuesday morning, Sen. Feinstein said that she would not vote for Sessions, according to USA Today.
Trump’s Cabinet picks have been delayed because Senate Democrats have created procedural roadblocks, including boycotting several scheduled confirmation votes. As a result, hearings could extend well into March.
Protesters reportedly chanted “Hey hey, ho ho, Jeff Sessions—just say no!” at Sunday’s protest, which began around 3 p.m. According to, they complained that Feinstein’s voicemail was full and that they could not leave her messages.
“I wasn’t able to leave a message because her machine was full and wasn’t being emptied,” Becker reportedly said. “We got the impression that the opinions of her constituency were not important to Senator Feinstein.”

Yeah, it's actually not that radical wanting your voice to be heard by those who claim to represent your interests. I voted for Sen. Feinstein, but come 2018, will not do so again. Of course, DiFi is over 80 years old & might just wish to throw in the towel by next year, so the point may well be moot.