Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spanish Cinema Now!

This series should be subtitled, "Proper Manners Later."

Yes, I'm slow; I'm still learning an all-around difficult and laborious system. Please, refrain from telling me how cold you are in the voice of a small child while I'm trying to have your film tickets printed. (Lapel button: from 60 years of age to five years in a few seconds.) Also, don't assume because I've not yet printed out your order in the timeliest of fashions, that I'm stalling because I don't know how to count change. Keep your snot-nosed assumptions to yourself, woman in the full-length fur coat.
As my old boss at the diner would say, "it's just eggs." Whelp, it's just a movie ticket. Ya'll are not in line to receive a new liver. Calm it the eff down.

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