Thursday, April 14, 2011


He said, "slap a sold sticker on that thing 'cuz it's mine!"  That was over a month ago.  Over the past two weeks, I've been trying to get in touch with him, so that we could make the money/goods exchange.  As promised, I delivered the goods to our mutual place of work two Saturdays ago, before, incidentally, I gave notice.  I went in over this past weekend to a) see if T. was working, and b) see if the fancy kitchen product that was so "sold" a month ago was still in house.  It was, but T. wasn't.

As I careen toward my last day in the States, I really don't want to be bothered with folk who say one thing, but do another.  Shit, right now, is stressful enough without having to wonder if said kitchen product will actually be both picked up and paid for.  I feel like a lame-o, too, because I don't want my now former boss to think that I treat his place of work as my personal dumping grounds for items that I no longer want or need.

Next, I'll be bringing my rather large stack of German Rolling Stone magazines in for everyone's perusal.  Never mind that no one on staff speaks German.  The pictures are cool, right?

Besides much of the "German" used in the magazine is, actually, borrowed words from English.  So, according to German Rolling Stone, Elvis might have been known on its front cover as "Der King des Rock-n-Rolls".  Figuring out what that means, for English speakers, is not too tricky, is it?  "Das neue Album von so-and-so!"  "Der Musikjournalist so-and-so..."  English, at least in the realm of music, is "echt cool".

Actually, English, in conjunction with selling products, is cool.



If one were to actually use, so called, "reines Deutsch" instead of these wacky "Germlisch" equivalents, then one would write on sales signs: "Ermaessigung!" "Beste-preise!" or "Niedrigste-preise!"  Oh, and "sale" ain't German either.

I now know what to do.  I'll go on down to my old job, Sharpie in hand, and scrawl across the box that contains my costly kitchen tool, "Top-preise!" and see if that inspires ole whats-his-name to cough up the dough he owes.

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