Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Going shoppin'

Things that are hard to find in stores here in LDN:

*chocolate chips for baking
*white vinegar (malt vinegar they've got to the nth degree, however)
*double boilers, or, as I hear they're called here, "bain maries"
*beeswax wood conditioner
*bulk foods
*good, affordable wine from the West Coast of the USA

Things that are so very easy to find here:

*marmalade, chutneys, preserves and mustard
*spreadable butter
*clotted cream
*drying clothes rack
*good, affordable wine from the Continent

Don't get me wrong, I love the "easy to find" list.  I could OD on clotted cream, really.  I would just like to be able to buy chocolate chips, melt them in a double boiler and make with the gooey outcome a chocolate tofu pie.

The recipe is from my old place of work: http://thejuicebar.org/

Tofu of the Gods

*The filling:  12oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips
                      1 tub of Silken tofu, or two smaller tubs 
                      A dash of vanilla extract
                      1 tablespoon of honey (optional)

*The crust: 1 packet of graham crackers
                   A handful of almonds (or any kind of nut that suits your fancy)
                   A tablespoon or two of butter, or margarine (enough so that the mix adheres together)

After having made many of these lil' beauties for work, I can make this pie in my sleep.  It's my party pie, as it were, and it's how I win friends and influence people. ;)  If I can't make the chocolate tofu pie in England, then, party-wise, I might be sunk.  (Although a heaping bowl of fresh guacamole with some thick, corn chips might be a fine replacement.)

*I'm too lazy to write out the preparations for this pie.  If you're inclined to want to know, then send me a note, and I'll mail you the info.


  1. wish you could have been there the day I tried to find rubbing alcohol (to remove the fuchsia dye from tips of fingers & ears when I color my hair) ... I swear it was like trying to buy a gun.

    SO happy to see you're still enjoying yourself ♥

  2. Seriously?! Did you wind up needing a permit, or what? And then you wonder about all those folk with dyed hair walking around town. What do they do?

  3. well, we know they don't use ice for anything, you know, being as that it's apparently rationed over there :)
    BTW... there IS a shop (I'll snatch up the name from the BF since he went there to get me some strawberry Twizzlers®) that sells American & Canadian candies etc. So.. if you are just aching for somethin', it CAN be found. :)


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