Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Not all bisexuals will leave you for a member of the opposite sex.  Now, I know that you, dear reader, know this, but, after having pho with a new acquaintance the other week, I'm not sure that everyone out there in TV Land knows this.

Let me start by saying that last week's dinner date is pushing 40 and she's been living in this fair city for over ten years.  -ten years in one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world with all manner of folk tucked away in it.  That means gay, straight, bi, and what-not are all living side-by-side, and, ideally, befriending those of other persuasions.  And, hopefully, through these friendships, one is reminded that an individual is either faithful, or adulterous, but NOT a whole group of people that are aligned by sexual orientation.

I swear it was an early 90s flashback when out of her mouth popped, "I'd never date a bisexual because I'd be afraid that she'd leave me for a man."  Um, how 'bout she might just leave you for another woman, or, in her eyes, because, you've proven yourself to be a narrow-minded twit?

Well, she may have a decade's worth of experience living in London, but she only has less than a year's worth of experience living as an out lesbian.  She's forty going on thirteen.  Perhaps that would explain her somewhat infantile attitude toward relationships and sex.  Or, maybe it doesn't explain a thing.  I wonder now how she was in relationships with men.  Did she worry that her male partners would leave her for other women?

After I and our other dinner companion patiently explained that "people are people" and fidelity is an individual matter, we settled into talking of more banal subjects.  All was well as we slurped our rice noodles, washing them down with ca phe sua da.  Well, things were fine until our bisexual-fearing buddy looked in the direction of the street, pointed and said, "Ugh.  She's too fat.  I couldn't date someone who was so fat!"


  1. People teetering on the edge/verge of solipsism are just horrible.


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