Sunday, April 8, 2012

'A gift from the Amish'

Well, I would have maybe preferred a faceless doll, or hand-wrought, heavy-wood furniture, but I'll take what (gifts) I can get. :)

This recipe is what I found when I typed 'pickled beets and eggs' into the search engine.  Well, I had stumbled over a few other recipes that were relatively the same, but sans the good stuff: clove and bay leaf.  Go with what you like, right?

After reading a short, 'eggsellent' piece in the NY Times about the prevalence of keeping chickens across the US, I felt compelled to follow up on a bit mentioned about pickling eggs.  Apparently, chickens usually lay one egg daily during season, and, say, if one kept 10 chickens each laying on schedule, then by the end of a week, there would be 70 eggs on hand to figure out what to do with!  So some folk with a tremendous egg output eat eggs not just for breakfast, but for dinner, too.  Some add egg to a dish that wouldn't seem to need it like soup or casserole.  And, of course, some people pickle their excess eggs.

Beets, onion, and eggs awaiting the pickling agent.

Fortunately, I had an empty Kilner jar just waiting to be used, so all that was needed were the primary ingredients in the above-mentioned 'Amish' recipe: beets and eggs.  I did, too, feel the need to add one more thing to an already great-sounding recipe and that was garlic.  We'll see in 48 hours how well things turned out!

72 hours later!


  1. I dont like beets... Sounds like a very cool recipe though! How did it turn out?

  2. Everything that was in the jar tastes really good! Everything tastes a bit sweet and tart all-in-one. I'll bet you could make this recipe and subtract the beets, but the eggs wouldn't have that groovy, pink hue. :)


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