Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Name change and other musings.

As of yesterday I fessed up to myself that I'm moving away from lovely London, a city I have grown very fond of, to Zurich and wanted to reflect that change in the blog.  'Orchids and Onions' is a brilliant name--not mine, but pinched from the annals of Rancho junior high year book fare--and I wanted to replace it with something, hopefully, almost as catchy and Swiss-appropriate.  Fondue, as most of you are probably familiar, is the yummy melted cheese or chocolate (or meat!) treat that one dips veg, bread chunks or fruit into for a belly-ache of a good time.  Fendant, a lovely, mineral-like, white wine produced in CH, is something I got turned onto while visiting Zurich recently.  I am told that Fendant rarely makes it out of CH, so the rest of the wine drinking world doesn't know what it's missing.

I had thought about starting a new blog to reflect the new direction my life is taking, but, really, I'm not a huge fan of technology, and the thought of cobbling together a new site was off-putting, so I thought I'd just continue on in the same vein with a slightly different facade.

Photo courtesy of Fribourg Tourist Bureau


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