Monday, April 30, 2012

People who don't live here

Apparently, the UK postal service is just as inept as the US variety.  Below is a list of people who don't live at my address.  Not only do they not live here, they haven't lived here for at least a year given that one year ago my partner and I moved to this address.  If these other folk did live here, then we'd be running a boarding house, and that would be no bueno.  It's enough to collect their mail.  Beh.

Mr. T.S. Walters
Miss Emma West
Mr. M. Juergins

There are some other 'randoms' who show up periodically, so I haven't yet committed their names to memory.

Things I know about Miss West: she's a size 8 and she has children.
Things I know about Miss West and Mr. Juergins: they both must not be very close to certain friends and family members as Xmas cards addressed to them arrived here.

Once I intercepted a postal dude to ask what to do with all the unwanted mail.  He told me to either 'bin it' or mark it 'RTS' and put it in a post box/leave it for the postal worker to retrieve.  Neither of those options stops the unwanted mail from being delivered, btw.  Lame.

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  1. Nice. Today, the postal dude pushed through the RTS post that I'd put in the mail slot yesterday.


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