Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I lifted the above title from the name of the co. where the hubs has German class.  I like the idea of taking an adjective, and, sort of, turning it into a gerund.  Well, it least it looks like one, and it's a catchy name to boot.

I'm in my own process now of 'Swissing', I'd like to think.  I've set up a tandempartner meeting with a woman who, coincidentally, lives only a few tram stops from me.  She'd like to improve her English, and, of course, I would like to do the same for my German.  Based on our email correspondence, I would say that we may be about equally matched.  -mal sehen wie es am Freitag ginge!

I found my seemingly well-matched partner by typing 'tandempartner' into the search engine and found a fairly solid site dedicated to language exchange of all kinds, and, sort of, got lucky.  There were only a few Englisch-Deutsch posts, and only one that seemed at all suitable.  Initially, I looked at the website of a neighboring uni (recommended to me) in the hopes of finding a tandem partner that way, and was met with this.  Rough translation: if one isn't a already a student at the uni, then no dice.

Bitte, drueckt ihr mir die Daumen!  Fingers crossed that the tandempartner meet-up has potential, at least.


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