Friday, November 9, 2012

Sick day and other upset

Well, it's been more of a 'sick week', really.  I did go to work on Wednesday and managed to lose my voice a bit half way through.  :(  I slept most of the day yesterday, but am up and around a bit more today.  I've enough energy to bake a loaf of bread, but really not much energy for anything else.  And, it's funny because I always think that with all this time off I could be cleaning the house, re-writing my CV, touching up and posting my VW Beetle ad on sites where it might actually be seen by folk who are interested in buying it, but no, I'm sitting on my lazy, ill butt wasting time on the internet.  

The political ramblings on Facebook driven by the presidential elections have consumed the better part of my week when I haven't been napping or moaning about how my head hurts.  It's been both interesting and jarring to see how disappointed my FB 'friends' are with both the Democrat and Republican parties.  I say 'disappointed' but I think it's really beyond that.  There's a total dismissal for both candidates as if they were only 'puppets of the corporate machine' and therefore not worth wasting a vote on.  Some FBers have posted how they would not be voting at all because both parties 'are the same'.  While I'm sure both parties may mirror each other in some aspects, I can't and won't believe that they are 'exactly the same'.  If women's reproductive rights were not an issue and no longer a part of political discourse (and they really shouldn't be!), then I might agree with some of the FB posters who are so disappointed with both Dems and Repubs.  The sad and frightening fact is that those who had sought to gain the Oval Office and lost are not interested in women having control over their own reproduction.  Thanks to the immediacy of information brought about by the internet, the terrifyingly ridiculous thoughts of certain politicians come to the fore faster than you can say, 'gov't out of my uterus'.  Women now know who, if they weren't sure before, politically, their enemies are.  Here's just a sampling: former VP contender Paul Ryan (who *might* be in favor of abortion only if the life of the mother is threatened), Todd Akin (women can't get pregnant from 'legitimate' rape), Richard Mourdock (pregnancy occurring from rape is God's will), and, of course, Mitt Romney.  As dictated by Mormonism, Romney personally can be nothing but against abortion with no exceptions.  However, his political stance is that he is in favor of abortion in situations dealing with rape or incest.  (Aw, shucks, Mitt, thanks.)  I shudder to think what sort of Supreme Court justices he would have chosen had he gained White House.  Bye, bye, Roe v. Wade!

When faced with the above information, I just can't believe that the two parties behave as one, as some people claim.  Maybe there's something I'm missing here, but it would seem that one party regards women as fully-fledged beings capable of making their own decisions and one party regards women as baby-making vessels.  Until the Republican party stops being anti-women/anti-choice or until pigs fly, I will continue to see our two party-system as being comprised of two, separate parties.

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