Saturday, April 27, 2013

Brocki 'find' #1

Bitchin' bar trolley for 85 CHF.  Minimum hourly wage here in ZH: 20 CHF.

There are a few reasons to buy second-hand, great value for the price chief among them.  Beyond saving a bundle of franks (both antique and newly made wood furniture pieces are fairly expensive here in CH), I can take some satisfaction in knowing that, with luck and a discerning eye, what I find from decades past will usually be darn good quality.  The piece shown in the above photo is made of a light-weight wood covered in a clear stain.  The metal wheels are fully functional.  The 'maker's mark', if you will, reads 'Pago'.  After a bit of online research, I found out that Pago was a 20th century Swiss furniture company.  Given where I now live, it would make sense to find Swiss products at second-hand shops.  That I was able to find such a well-preserved piece at a decent price is good fortune, indeed.


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