Friday, April 19, 2013

Keeping the blues at bay

The most recent news from back home is that a close relative is suffering from a rather brutal form of cancer.  Since finding out, I have been fighting feeling down-in-the-dumps.  It seems all too easy to let bad thoughts in and feel paralyzed by what one can't do to fix the situation.

As a way of combating the upset feelings, I walked to the store today thinking about the things in life that make me smile.

Here's a wee list I've compiled thus far:

1.  Music
Harry Nilsson's album Nilsson Schmilsson is on in the background.  If you've never had the pleasure (think: Lime In The Coconut and the theme to the movie Midnight Cowboy), then I would suggest a listen.  You can hear his recordings on the online music site:  Grooveshark.

2.  Words that really don't translate well into other languages
There's a company down the road from where I live called MEH.  I would imagine that MEH is probably an acronym for something, but I am not sure what.  Whenever I walk past I think of the way most of us use 'meh' back home as a tepid response to something and have a chuckle.  This company's name would never fly back home.  It's like trying to introduce the Chevy Nova (no va) to the Latin American market.  Interestingly, I saw a Chevy Tacuma parked up the street the other day.  Yes, it was a Tacuma, not Tacoma.  I don't imagine that the Swiss know of Tacoma Washington's 'meh' reputation as a city, so why Chevrolet CH offers a Tacuma instead of a Tacoma is a bit of a quandary.

'69 Chevy 'Si Va'!
3.  Heh, heh...butts...
When I say my surname here for someone to spell the end result usually comes out looking like BUTTS.  The only vowel in my name is an 'a' and is pronounced here like 'ah', as in 'open wide for the tongue depressor!'  How people get an 'uh' sound from an 'ah' sound is beyond me.  'Ms. Butts, to the white courtesy phone.  Ms. Butts...'
Heck, I admit it, sometimes I still get a laugh from reading the word (Ein)fahrt on a road sign.  Immature? You bet!  It could be worse.  At least I don't laugh every time someone says the number six in German as it sounds a little bit like 'boom-boom in the zoom-zoom', of you catch my drift.

He likes big butts.
These humorous interludes only last for so long.  I could use a 'helping hand', por favor.  What tickles your funny bone?


  1. 'Fahrt's still get to my non-German-acquainted husband, and he's the driver.

    'Fluffy' just makes me smile simply because it reminds me of my Fluffy... Fluffy pancakes. Fluffy clouds. Fluffy unicorns.

    1. We sold scones at the cheese shop where I used to work. I didn't know how one said 'fluffy' in German and I wanted to be able to describe their consistency to those not familiar with scones. I tried the trick of Germanizing 'fluffy', but 'fluffig' only seemed to produce quizzical looks. :)
      I have since learned the rather fun German equivalent: luftig.
      I heart luftige scones.


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