Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Brocki 'find' #3

Let there be stained glass light!
I have always wanted to own some sort of light source bathed in stained glass, and, as of last week, I now do.  Perusing my favorite second-hand shop here in town this past week has proven to be a bonanza of sorts.  In addition to finding this well-preserved (read: no cracks, scratches or any other flaws) lamp, I scored a large, glass serving platter that happens to match other items already in our cupboards, and a vintage ottoman.

There is a serial no. and some lettering I can't quite make out on the underside of the lamp.  The cord bears the name of the German manufacturing company, Heyco.  Otherwise, there are no other distinguishing marks anywhere on this piece.  Any of you folk have an idea as to the origins of this lovely lamp?  I think the top was someone's homemade project popped onto an already existing lamp base.  -still nice though.


  1. How's that for a unique find?! Score. I like the fact that it still works, too.

    1. Yeah, it's a fun find. I actually think that the shade was made by an amateur stained glass maker from a kit. That said, I still really dig it!


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