Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer travels-2013

From Zurich, it's just 'a hop, skip and a jump' to Scandinavia.  Recently, the hubs and I chose to visit Copenhagen, easily my new favorite city.  After a quick flight and no hassle at the CPN airport, we were off for a week of exploring this urban gem of the north.

Dude in front of CPN's version of 'the painted ladies'

'nother angle...

Shooting Star, Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket

Imbibing the finest: No. 16 Ale, Cafe Galven

One might think that I would have better and more plentiful photos of CPN and one would be wrong.  I'm a fairly poor shot made all the poorer by going to on holiday with my android acting as camera.  Perhaps it's better this way.  I've left you, hopefully, wanting more.  I say: go to Denmark's premiere city--it's worth the visit!

Update: 23 August
I dug up a few more pictures from the phone...

Righteous burger and fries washed down by the above ale at Cafe Galven

Powerful Carlsberg Elephants

Brilliant walk path through Assistens Cemetery



  1. These pictures serve as a sneak peek to whet our appetites. You have served your purpose! :D
    What else did you get up to in CPN?

    1. We walked MILES per day just looking at architecture, meandering through parks, eating, drinking, sitting by the water, second-hand shop browsing, etc. I'm a bit more fit than my partner. By the end of our stay his feet were about to fall off, poor thing!


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