Saturday, September 14, 2013

Raspberry-Lemon Cake

While perusing the blog-o-sphere I ran across a very smart-looking baking blog, Cake, Crumbs and Cooking.  The latest entry showed photos of a gorgeous blueberry cake.  Intrigued and a bit hungry, I read on and eventually clicked on the link provided showing the original tea loaf recipe made with raspberries.

I made a quick trip to the store for raspberries, lemon and ground almonds, then came back and set about baking my version of the cake.  I made two substitutions to the original recipe.  Caster sugar does not seem to exist here in CH, so I used granulated instead.  I also used quark instead of yogurt.  I had been meaning to bake with quark since moving to Switzerland a year ago, but, until now, had no inspiration to do so.

Fresh from the oven.
As C.C. and C. mentioned, the batter was so stiff and I wondered how the loaf would turn out.  Would it be too dense?  Too dry?

Removed from tin with lemon-sugar mixture drizzled on top.
Dry cake fears were unfounded.  The cake was moist and light.  The raspberries' tartness served as a good counterbalance to the sweetness of the cake.  Served with a cup of Tetley's, the loaf was a hit with the hubs.

Tea and cake!

And again for breakfast the next day!

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