Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Frauenartz, again.

Cautioned about buying yeast infection meds over the counter by the pharmacist on duty, I was told that if the treatment doesn't work, then I must make an appt. with a gynecologist.  Well, the treatment didn't work, so I set about getting a doctor's appt. asap.  That was two weeks ago and I haven't been seen yet.

Ob-Gyn #1: I rang on a Monday and, after telling the receptionist my story, was told that there weren't any appts. that week and that I could come in at the earliest the following Monday at 14.30.  Seven long days to wait before being seen.  What joy...no, thanks.

Ob-Gyn #2: This place was a recommendation from an English speaking friend.  She said that the staff is bilingual, helpful and she felt comfortable at her appt.  Great!  I called the office only to find out that they are CLOSED the entire week.  The answering message let potential patients know that there is a small window on Wed. during which the phones would be manned, for what I don't know because the practice is closed.  It also gave the handy information: in the case of an emergency, one should call a hospital.

*Menstruation break lasting five days

Ob-Gyn #3: I related my story over the phone to the receptionist only to be told that the Dr. didn't handle yeast infections and that I had to do a three day therapy---she practically SPELLED out what that meant, and, indeed, told me what I had just TOLD HER I had undertaken.  I had to interrupt her to repeat that I had done the therapy and it hadn't worked and that was why I was calling.  She asked me how long did I do the three day therapy.  Um, what?  It felt like a trick question.  Five days?  What was I supposed to say?  Maybe she's used to having people not finish the therapy.  I dunno.  The question perplexed me and I became tongue-tied which led to her only querying me more.  The therapy hadn't worked, I told her.  She then asked if I had been seen by this practice before and I said that I had.  She asked for my birth date.  I was confused because I thought I heard her say that the doc wouldn't see me.  She asked what my symptoms were and then, as a prompt, went over the possible symptoms slowly and succinctly, so that I had no room to actually respond.  Very frustrating.  When she finished I told her what my symptoms were.  She then put me on hold before coming back to tell me that the doc could see me either today or tomorrow.  I'm going tomorrow.  Ugh.  Wish me well, s.v.p.!

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