Sunday, October 19, 2014

Posthumous hassle

Amid the papers-- a mid-90s Nightbreak poster.
I talked to my Mom on the phone today.  She sounded tired and sad.  As next-of-kin she's having to pack up Uncle Kenny's apartment before the end of the month.  Mom told me that Kenny 'never threw anything away' and that there is 'so much to do'.  Aunt Nancy has been helping Mom as much as she can between work and going on vacation in the next week, or so.  Two 68 year old women packing up a flat filled with papers and such sounds like it will both take awhile and be exhausting.

On top of that Mom has had to hire a lawyer to ensure she's executor of Ken's estate.  Ken didn't leave a will and, as grandma was not allowed to adopt him, isn't legally related to Mom.  He'd listed Mom as his 'emergency contact', but that doesn't amount to much in the case of death.

This time last year as Mom and Ken were burying Lee, Mom mentioned to Ken that he ought to think about having a will drawn up.  'You never know what can happen, Ken,' she'd said.  Too true.

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