Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cosby ain't the Jell-o Pudding Guy, the Brown Hornet, or Cliff Huxtable.

The incomparable Beverly Johnson, dubbed the 'first black supermodel'.

Seriously, folks, how many more women need to step forward for us to believe that Cosby is not the Huxtable-like man we all thought he was thanks to his hit 80s TV show?  For all the scumbag opinion-writing jerks out there: take a good look at the recent picture above.  Ms. Johnson is neither 'old' nor 'ugly'.  Given, too, that she has not asked for financial compensation, she is not 'gold digging'.  Remember that she and numerous other women who have come forward are doing so not with an eye toward receiving money, but, simply, to be heard.  They feel that they are finally be able to tell the truth.  It is simply their wish to be believed. 


  1. I do think that a lot of 'groupies' who threw themselves at singers, dj's, and actors, have probably become to regret their antics. I'm not saying that this was the case with Cosby, but there are a lot of folk out there who still haven't had their 15 minutes of fame. Who knows!

  2. I can't disagree with you, Cro. However, for women who have been taken advantage of by powerful men and have since come forward must be feeling a good deal more of 'shame' than 'fame', I should think. It can't be easy to admit to having been duped, drugged, and, in some way, molested.

    1. The 'drugging' bit is despicable; I totally agree.


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