Friday, January 8, 2016

Cat 'Collective'

I've been feeling poorly this whole week, and don't look forward to the five mile bike ride to feed the cats tomorrow morning.  I'll be glad to be there, but can't muster up any enthusiasm for the trip out at all.

En route to the cats.

Thanks to all the rain, the area around the picnic table is now entirely submerged.

The furry ones were out yesterday sunning themselves.  I took a snap of B. while on my way home from a doctor's appointment.  The Shy One ducked under the rocks as soon as I stopped my bike nearby.  

F. lets me approach.

If I'm lucky, I may even catch a glimpse of the elusive F. while out at the 'collective' tomorrow.  More of a 'bush cat', F. very rarely strikes a pose atop the rocks, especially not in broad daylight.

T., looking smart.

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