Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nary a cat in sight.

Made it out to the cats this morning without too much fuss.  I was out there earlier than usual, at about 7.30, and it seemed that no one was awake yet.  No cats by the first feeding station.  No cats near the second one either.  As I made my way to the third one, I saw Forrest on the rocks snacking on something.  Who could have gone out earlier and left wet food for the felines?  Probably no one.  And Forrest was way out of his normal range.  Maybe he'd gone 'mousing' and had managed to snag breakfast.  Dunno.  As soon as F. saw me he split.

Marshie and B.B. usually come up from under the bridge when I'm nearby, but you can't set your watch by them.  They know I've got the goods and aren't too shy about making an appearance.  This morning was different.  After a few minutes of cleaning, I went to look for them.  They weren't in any of their usual spots, so I went back to cleaning the feeding station thinking I'd be taking the tinned tuna back home with me. 

I popped off to FS 2 to clean and replenish supplies before going back to FS 3 for a cat look-see.  Apparently, both M. and B.B. had clocked me, but, for some reason, hadn't wanted to make an appearance.  The cats took my having been there as a sign to come up and partake of the feeding station's fare.  I'm afraid I freaked out B.B., M. was just exiting the feeding station as I approached, and she bolted out and sought the cover of rocks.  I couldn't entice M. into having any wet food.  She was off for her mid-morning constitutional over in the CalTrans lot.  B.B. was for sure not coming up sans M.   

I looped back down to the first feeding station where I sometimes see Shy Girl, B., and T.  I've recently been leaving wet food in the camo-bed made to look like a giant boulder nearby.  The pigeons don't seem to get in there as much as they do the feeding stations.  No cats were visible. 

Moral of the story: The 'early bird' doesn't always get the cat.
Ah, well.

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