Saturday, April 23, 2016

Moving, meds & cats.

I just want to write about cats. I don't want to write about the medical junk, the apartment-viewing mini-fiascos, and whatever else is getting me down.

However, in brief, I will say that in the past few weeks of house-hunting I have chatted with an uber-slick 'realtor' who demanded that I and my husband meet him at his restaurant before he'd show us the rental, and met a landlady who was so emotionally attached to her deceased grandparents' house that she broke down in tears during the showing. 'The previous tenants didn't open a window in four years! Look at this grout! My grandmother would be so disappointed!'

Also, I'm happy to report that recent blood tests show my meds aren't producing any sort of the horrific side-effects found printed on the prescription literature. Huzzah!

On to the cats:

It was so rainy and windy this morning that I didn't expect to see any of the furry ones out on the trail. Between feeding stations I could see a dark, brown blob that appeared to be slowly moving near the rocks. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, and that it was just a rock & that it could not be moving at all.  -turns out it was F. sitting along the rocks in the dirt just across from a feeding station. He didn't run away (as he normally does) when I approached, but, instead moved up to a perch among the rocks, so I was able to take about a gazillion pictures of him.

My fave shot of F. from this morning.

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