Monday, April 3, 2017

Sunday outing.

The hubs and I took a wander around town today with only one goal in mind. We were to find both a bike shop and a coffee shop that offered a good selection of product. After coming up short in North Beach--the only bike shops we could find were bike rental joints catering to tourists--we hiked up and over the hill en route to Polk St. Along the way, we bumped into Lombard St. (the windy bit), took a couple of fun snaps & kept moving. 

You can't mistake Lombard St. due to its unusual curves, but, really, you can't mistake it due to its unfortunate never-ending stream of motorists driving slowly down its hairpin turns. I would think the homeowners there would wish to band together to make this street off-limits to through traffic. Why this hasn't happened yet is beyond me. Don't the millionaires who live on this part of Lombard hate the throngs of cars constantly filtering past as they attempt to come and go in their fancy European SUVs? -never mind the ceaseless foot traffic. They paid how many millions of dollars to live on a permanently congested street? I just can't imagine...

Overall, it was a lovely day to be out and about. We found both tasty coffee at a hip joint and a bike shop with good chain lube. The temperature heated up to a toasty 75F around mid-day. For the hubs, who was wearing jeans, it became a bit unbearable toward the end of our jaunt. Upon our return home, he promptly took a nap on the sofa.

View from Lombard St., Transamerica building off in the distance.

View of Alcatraz, en route to Polk St.

Second-hand, tres expensive.

Stumbled onto Claremont St. which begins at the curvy bit of Lombard St. and ends as you see above. 

Same second-hand shop on Polk St. selling bottle/can openers for 8 bucks. Um, no thanks.

Brunch queue. Basik must be the shizz.


  1. Naps are often good.
    Lovely wandering with you - and would have left those bottle openers behind as well. And left shaking my head and laughing.

    1. Eight dollar openers are nuts, right? I'm glad for the wander around town; thanks for coming along, EC!

  2. We drove down Lombard Street when we were in San Francisco ages ago (1984). It was crazy busy then, too.

    1. I'm sure I drove down it, too, with the fam probably also back in the 80s. One of the properties now has a massive 'eff you' wall in front of it. I guess that's how some folk deal with all the 'interest' in their street. Ha.

  3. Looks like a good Sunday, but riding bikes up those hills. But a dream for me. I'd have a heart attack.

    1. Just walking up the hills is a work out. Add the heat & whoa!


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