Sunday, October 1, 2017

Running at dusk.

The partially sand-covered foot path along the Great Highway, really just a wide boulevard, is no great shakes, but, at sunset, is the place to be. A lot of folk had come out just to stand along the path & take photos of the vibrant sky. I could hardly blame them; it was a lovely evening.  

I tend to run along the Great Highway a couple times a week. I never bring my mobile as it seems like just another thing to worry about while running. Yesterday, I knew I'd be cutting it close, light-wise, so I thought I'd just take along the phone in case I needed to use its light function & in the hopes of taking a few sunset shots. 

The sun is just beginning to set in the below shot.

Up ahead: the end of the path at Lincoln St., along Golden Gate Park.

Beyond the sand dunes, the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean

-stopped jogging long enough to take this shot.


Running as the last bit of light leaves the sky isn't ideal along the foot path as it's not lit for night use. A few of us stragglers used key chain lights & lights on our phones to both light us & our way, but the majority were just dark shapes going by either on foot or on bike.

It was a lovely end to a nice run, but I wouldn't want to make running in the semi-dark a habit. I could, however, make standing & viewing the sunset a habit.


  1. Wish I could run. Beautiful sunset. That's what I would love to see.

    1. Yes, I was particularly lucky to have brought the camera phone!

  2. Love that sky. The second photo in particular sings to me.
    Running? In my dreams.
    Congratulations to you that you can (and do) manage it.

    1. The second photo is so fun. What a sky!

  3. Oooh, pretty. You need one of those headlamp thingies for running in the dark.

    1. You know, that's a good idea. It might just be good for dusk walks, in general. There are a lot of streets 'round these parts with poor to no lighting.


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