Thursday, October 19, 2017

Wildfires & a walk

A woman and her pony evacuate from Napa, California.

When you have to evacuate & your 'house pet' luckily fits into the back of the car. :)

The fires up north have not yet been fully contained. Rain is forecasted for the end of the week, but it won't be much & it won't be widespread. Over 40 people are reported dead, over 220k acres of land burned & over 6,000 building destroyed.

There are new reports of wildfires ignited in Santa Cruz, about 60 miles south along the coast. The fires there are less virulent than those up north. Small consolation to those living there, to be sure.

It turns out my co-worker's beau hasn't been up north fighting fires as he'd claimed. He's been holed up in his flat doing drugs. Oopsie. What a weird-ass lie to tell your partner. Was this his way of letting her know he's not a suitable partner or father to their soon-to-be-born child? I feel for her.

It was unseasonably warm the other night. I took a walk along the beach. There were a lot of us beachcombers out sans jackets, sans shoes walking along the strand line.

It was nearing sunset when I made my way to the bus stop. --took this shot before departing.

Ocean Beach

I rode the bus up to 9th Ave. & got off near the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park. They've a permanent Keith Haring scupture out front. When I think of Haring I think of the AIDS epidemic & Silence=Death & all that. But looking at this piece makes me feel a bit happy.

Walking past the Haring piece en route to another bus stop, the sky turns dusky. I'm standing at the bus shelter & this is the view---

DeYoung Museum & Palm Trees


  1. Those fires sound scary. I just heard my uncle was within 5 miles of one. That's way too close for comfort. Glad you're safe.

    1. We're far enough away, fortunately. My cousin & his fam are in Petaluma, Santa Rosa adjacent. I've checked in with him & they're fine for now. May your Uncle stay safe!

  2. I have family who lived in Napa until a year or so ago. They are still quite close and friends have lost their homes. Heartbreaking.
    I think your co-worker might have got a timely warning about her partner. Not one she wanted but...

    1. The world is so small--Napa is too! Awful that your family's friends have suffered.

      My co-worker struggles with her self-worth. It's hard to watch her relationship woes. -wish I could help.


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