Monday, January 8, 2018

Cardiff trip, sort of accidentally remembered.

This shot was taken by my husband back in 2012, I think it was, when we were on a trip to Cardiff. On this particular day, we took a walk along the water starting from about the National Assembly building. I can't recall where we ended up, but our jaunt took us along lovely stretches of wildflowers. All were photo-worthy.

Walking through one of the posh areas en route to the Botanical Garden, I spied this bit of choice graffiti on someone's back gate. -hope the owners of the house didn't mind, but I thought it hilarious.

The wildflower mix avec moi & the copper pictures popped up on Google as a result of some 'remember this day?' function. I suppose the feature is meant to stimulate the viewer to post the pictures on the shared Google platform to be enjoyed by strangers and friends alike. Instead of that, I thought I'd share them, along with other Cardiff trip pics I then scrounged up, here.

Cardiff Botanical Garden

Wood inlay from the Residences at Cardiff Castle
Me with the Ood, Dr. Who Museum

Part of the castle wall (moved some meters away) featuring amazing creatures including this hyena.

View from the top floor of the Cardiff Public Library

If I could go back tomorrow, I would. Cardiff is a lovely city.


  1. If that graffiti is Banksey, then the owners ought to take the gate off its hinges and put it in a bank.

    1. Totally. It had a Banksy vibe, but I thought, 'Nah, it can't be' when I saw it.

  2. Wow. What lovely memories that meme ignited. Thank you for sharing the beauty.
    Love the graffiti, and those flowers are incredible. Nice to see a photo of your stylish self too.

  3. A Doctor Who museum? I must go there someday.

    1. Yeah, all the baddies are there--Ood, Daleks, Cybermen, etc. Costumes a-plenty, the phone box...I'm blanking on the rest, but it's a gas. It's a stone's throw from where Cap't Jack (John Barrowman) and his gang descend into their secret lair in Torchwood.


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