Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Two walks, two different days, same SF

Noe Valley

-an old store front from around the turn of the last century. I love this place as the tiles are the color of mint chip ice-cream. Most of the old corner shops in SF have been converted into high-end condos at this point. I'm glad that the owners of this place have maintained the building's facade so well.

Glen Park

One of the few pictures not to include a slew of cars on the street as there's no parking allowed. I can almost imagine the dirt road that used to run along this stretch.

Noe Valley

The above shot was taken after a pointy speck of sand blew into my right eye. I was blinking & tearing up at this point. The light hitting this row of houses seemed pretty perfect. My eye hurt for the rest of the afternoon. The sand came out that evening. I should wear sunglasses more often.

At dusk in Glen Park

College Hill: multiple flats, front view.

Small flat, side view.


  1. Great buildings. That's what I love to see in San Francisco.

    1. Super great architecture. I also really love the differently shaped and sized windows. It's nothing you'd see being built today unless it were for the very-monied.


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