Sunday, February 11, 2018

Jogging in Central Park

Jackie O reservoir

This lovely reservoir was my running spot when I lived on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. Back then, one had to contend with all manner of visitors along the narrow path directly circling the lake. Running there would test your ability to think fast. Previously, one had to contend with zipping around strollers, hopping away from nosy (& noisy) dogs & dodging cyclists who were seemingly intent on running into you. I always felt like I was starring in my own video game. 

Now, however, jogging the reservoir is truly bliss. Signs flank the entry points to this walk/jog path stating something to the effect of: In the interest of safety, no strollers, bikes or dogs are permitted. One is meant to move in a clockwise direction as well. The only thing one has to worry about is cutting off a faster jogger when overtaking a slower jogger. ;) No great shakes, a quick turn of the head to check the peripherals before making a move and all is right with the world.

For those who do have bikes, strollers and dogs, the much wider path that rings the smaller path welcomes all.  

Shore length: 1.58 miles around. Two loops & you've a pretty decent run!


  1. Ah, someone came up with traffic control. Good. Looks like a lovely place to jog.

    1. Traffic control rules! The spot is lovely. Almost an oasis within an already lovely park.


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