Thursday, February 8, 2018


Today, I washed my husband's hair for the first time since the accident in the kitchen sink. He's able to bend his body just fine, but not able to lift left his arm above his head. The sink faucet-head comes off, so I was able to aim water at all the good bits: behind the ears, near his hairline, and, because his hair is almost halfway down his back, all along the lengthy bits. Long hair left in a braid does knot up after a week, so thank goodness for conditioner. Also, the incision stayed dry throughout. A win.

The hubs is recovering nicely, for the most part. The road rash is scabbing up; his incision seems normal, but I wouldn't know normal from my elbow as a bone break is new to us. His spirits hover between feeling fine to feeling a bit down. I don't blame him. I'd be a crybaby if I were in his stead. He's also keen not to rely too heavily on the Oxy & the acetaminophen prescribed. I cut the 500 mg tablets of Tylenol in half for him, so that he may space out the dosage over time a bit better. He's aiming to take an Oxy pill every four hours. The recommended dosage is 1-2 tablets every four hours. Pain management through the day is his current (pre)occupation.

It sounds as if he's expected to be recuperating for the next month, or so. He has a follow-up appt. with a doctor on the 15th. I'm assuming it will be about his healing and information on physical therapy. As his sleep has been scant since the 30th--pain keeps you awake!--he hit the hay around 8.00p tonight. May he be able to sleep through the night.


  1. Dear Bea, I just read this post and the one preceding it in which you shared with us what happened to your husband. I had that same thing happen back in 1977 when I was an avid bicycle rider. Going down a hill, I accidentally put on the brakes at the same time that my front wheel went into a chug-hole. The bike flipped into the air--very high--and I went flying nearly 70 feet through the air, landing on the street. My cheek and forehead were badly abraded and I had the same break and the operation. It took 8 weeks to recover and then I went through several weeks of recuperation to get my arm working well again.

    I hope all goes well for your husband. It's good that he's watching the pain and not letting it get ahead of him--but also it's good that he's not letting himself take too much medicine.


    1. Wow, Dee! Your accident sounds brutal. Glad you made it through. That's exactly how the hubs put it, staying ''head of the pain'. He seems, spirits-wise, up today. Hasn't been outside much since the bone break, though. Yesterday, he let his hair dry in the sun on the back deck. :)
      I'm curious to know if you too were told that the clavicle surgery wasn't manditory.

  2. I wish him peaceful and restful sleep. I hope the healing comes quickly.

    1. Wouldn't you know it, but he got up after only two hours of shut eye?! I think he got about four hours of sleep in total last night. Ah, well.


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