Friday, February 16, 2018

Thoughts and prayers

'Thoughts and prayers' don't cut it. Sensible gun laws do.

Teachers routinely have trainings on how to deal with this sort of situation. It seems they are now expected to be sort of SWAT-team ready to protect their students' lives. Maybe teachers should be issued bullet-proof vests in case of emergency. I mean, if we're not actually going to pass sensible gun laws, then maybe this is the direction we're to go in. The 19-year-old shooter had been able to legally emass weapons--an assault rifle among the cache--and had boasted about planning to become, get this, a school shooter. He'd been known to the FBI, little good that did. Now, 17 people, mostly children, are dead.

Speaker Ryan, having already taken tens of thousands of dollars from the NRA during his career, offers his paltry thoughts and prayers.

Imagine a generation of children having to grow up performing 'shooter drills' at school. We had earthquake and fire drills. ---not terribly upsetting. Now imagine those poor school kids having to experience the actual terror of an active shooter killing teachers and children on their campus.

I'm sick of this shit.


  1. Me too. I am hoping America is too and we finally put enough pressure on these assholes to do something. It's truly disturbing that we are letting this become the new normal.

    1. Kids from the school tweeting sharp as shit commentary to the cretins in govt has given me small comfort.


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