Friday, March 23, 2018

Wee art tags

I was invited to a dinner party the other night, so I bought a bottle of wine and then dug around in my desk drawer for a wee tag to put on the bottle neck. 

The below selection of 'art tags' are from my days working at a cooker shop that, to be honest, didn't have much custom. 

During my super slow shifts, I'd taken to scrawling on sales tags (shhh! -don't tell my old boss!) the likenesses of birds, blooms, and animals both real and imagined.  Some turned out poorly, and some turned out nicely. 

I drew a wee robin for the wine bottle tag. -didn't photograph it, however.

 These I like:



Welsh Dragon


  1. Lots of talent - and they would be a wonderful addition to any gift.
    Love the cockerel particularly.

    1. Thank you. I dig that one a lot, but also the Welsh dragon as it reminds me of wrapped wire.

  2. Very nice. I bet you could market those.


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