Sunday, April 1, 2018

Frohe Ostern!

It's Easter Sunday and I'm off to roller skate in the park. I am sort of hoping that the normal skate crowd will be otherwise engaged with family obligations today. That would mean a bit more elbow room out on the pavement for me! 

May you all have a/have had a relaxing Easter Sunday. 

Here's an Easter Sunday snap from our time in Zurich---


  1. I hope the normal skate crowd doesn't bring their family down to join the fun and that your elbows can fly free.
    Love the colour in your Zurich Easter (which I twice typed in a freudian sort of way as Eater).

    1. It was hugely packed put at the park, but I had no collisions,so it was a win.

      Happy Eater sounds about right, EC. :D

  2. Hope you skating went well.
    Coffee is on


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