Saturday, January 30, 2010

New York Cares

I can't say that New Yorkers, as a group, seem to really much care. But, the volunteer organization, New York Cares, cares! And, FYI, so do I. So, last week, I signed up to volunteer in various different capacities around town.

Today, I participated in serving food to elderly residents of a care facility in the neighborhood. We were to distribute food according to a colored ticket system. That meant that some folk at a given table were served before others. This, I can tell you, did not really go down well. Seniors, just like anyone else waiting for lunch, can get crabby! I had women "eh-ehhing" me and jabbing at me with their fingers to have some food brought their way. Why does doing something good have to feel kinda bad?

After all were served, manners returned to normal. And, indeed, many were grateful for the service. I was grateful to have helped.

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