Saturday, February 20, 2010


Sorry, but it's true. This place sucks. Cases in point: men blowing snot out of their noses, spitting, or urinating while I'm walking past them; dogs relieving themselves in piles of discolored snow; untethered children walking willy-nilly back and forth across the narrow sidewalk as I'm trying to avoid bumping into them; and that one random chick who's hauling ass as we're both walking to the train and then moves in front of me while slowing down. I almost tripped over her, and, given how tiny she was, it was lucky for her that I didn't. Then there are the people who sell magazines quoting me the price as "$6.00" when the price on the magazine clearly reads frickin' "$5.99." I know it's just a penny, but it's the principle of the matter.
And, my all time fave, walking down the sidewalk only to have a lit cigarette butt whiz by my head and land on the ground in front of me. It's raining smokes in this town!

Perhaps Spring will wash away the snot, spit, urine and all else that bugs me about being here. Maybe I'll find joy amongst the blossoms, birds, and, if there are any left, bees. I don't know, but I'd like for the season to hurry up and change already so I can find out!

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