Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Anne Bancroft's sister

I'm so thrilled that the Walter Reade Theater exists. However, I wish it were more heavily visited and/or known about. Could it be that those businesses off of Broadway along East/West roadways are really very less frequented? I'm beginning to think so, because there was a retrospective of Anne Bancroft's work that played in March at the WRT and it was woefully under-visited. It's frickin' Anne Bancroft, people! Why hadn't more people attended the film series? Where are all the film geeks to populate the theater when you need them?

Here's just a short list of some of the many great performances Ms. Bancroft has done:

1)Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate."
2)Annie Sullivan in "The Miracle Worker."
3)Emma Jacklin in "The Turning Point."

Okay, so I didn't see so many people in the audience of her film showings, but, amazingly, I did see her sister* at almost all of the screenings I ushered. How cool is that?

*A name-dropping patron let me know who she was.

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