Monday, December 27, 2010

White Dec. 26th

NYC has finally succumbed to the elements. There have been heaps of snow, wind, and, in general, bummer weather the entire day-after-Christmas. The gentle flurries of last week were fun to watch through the front room window, and they didn't prevent me from planning my daily activities. However, snarls of snowfall being blown by high winds as the color of the outside world goes white, freaks me out. I don't want to be in snow; I want the temperate weather of the Bay Area.

My one foray outside today involved a trip to the store two blocks away. The bf and I wanted to make chicken soup, and were lacking all ingredients but the water for stock. The rubber boots that I bought for this Winter's wet came in handy, but, never having worn them outside of the shoe shop, I didn't realize that my socks would somehow be pulled down with each step taken. By the time I got to the store, my socks were "under foot". It was an uncomfortable sensation. -kinda like when I'm out for a jog with the loosest skivvies on, and they begin to slide down my bum. At least, in that instance, I can, sort of, pull them up through my jog pants as I go. There's no way to pull up socks that have become lodged under one's heel in a boot.

I guess my snow anxiety isn't shared by the neighbors as the store was packed with shoppers jostling for position in front of the fish counter, prepared foods section, and baked goods area.

We bought our soup ingredients plus a few other staples, so that we'd not have to make a second trip outside anytime soon, and trudged our way back home. The soup turned out well, and we ate it for dinner hours ago. Now, at bedtime, it's still snowing.

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