Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hitting the pavement

After three 50 hour work weeks at a physically stressful job, I'm back to being unemployed.  I'm excited at the prospect of again being able to take trips around town, lounge at home, and, in general, keep both myself and my house tidy.

First, I have to kick this nasty, little lingering head cold compliments of said stressful job.  Boo.

Although I'm feeling poorly and using that as an excuse not to jog, I am going out and about around town for coffees, people-watching, book-reading, and such.

Yesterday, I went here:

Brixton Village Market

If I'd have believed the old English guy who works in this neighborhood, and with whom I'd had a tryst a few years ago, then I never would have visited this part of town.  Never mind that how he'd painted Brixton was almost in EXACTLY the same color palette as the area I had lived in in Berkeley, CA for a DECADE, before moving to NYC.  I recall his saying, "Brixton is fine to go around in during the day.  If you were to stand around looking lost, however, then you'd be a target for unsavory people.  I wouldn't really recommend going around down there on your own."  I wanted to say to him, "Fool!  Did you not spend time in my 'hood at University and San Pablo Aves.?"  I mean, really, my apt. was across from a shoddy-looking 99cent store and around the corner from a scuzzy liquor store that sold little bottles of booze tucked neatly into brown paper bags ALL day long.  The check-cashing joint down the block always had a line.  Um, hello?!  Bueller?  Anyone?  Heck, I even had a homeless lady put up shop in my back garden where she cursed loudly and at all hours, drank hootch, milled through the trash bins, and, although I can't prove it, pooped in my bed of lettuces.

Suffice it to say, I am already used to all things unsavory and I consider myself to be somewhat 'street smart'.  I just think that ole whatshisname wasn't keen on bumping into me down there on his lunch break, or something.

While in Brixton Village Market I had the pleasure of drinking a flat white here:

Federation Coffee Dudes

I'm sorry, but not at any point in time did I feel threatened while down Brixton in any way.  The Federation Coffee chick who made my bevvie did not look like she was going to shank me the minute I turned my back.

What area will next be on the agenda?  The wiles of Ealing?  The mostly uncharted territory of Barnet?  In case of any trouble, I'll have my swiss army knife/key ring at the ready!


  1. Watch out for the killer diy toast, sometimes they're not fully 'done' and they go hog wild off the plate to get you.

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