Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Inspired by a chat I had with friends over tea for my birthday last week, I'm setting out to write about the differences between and similarities of the city I recently moved from and the city I now live in.

Which city is "better" to live in?  Which has the amenities that I most enjoy and regard as essential for city living?

Below I'll list what I consider essential city elements for me in order to feel content, and the city that fulfills that need.

*Green spaces/public parks: LDN

*Extensive public transport: LDN

*Access to river ways: LDN and NYC

*Amazing architecture: LDN and NYC

*Integrated ethnic mix of folk: LDN and, to a lesser extent, NYC

*Stellar cuisine: LDN and NYC

*Good beer, wine, coffee and tea: LDN and NYC

*Performing Arts: LDN and NYC

*Museums: LDN and NYC

*Local amenities such as grocers, dry cleaners, stationers, theaters...: it does depend on where one lives, to a degree, but, I'd say, both LDN and NYC.  Although it would seem that in both cities one would usually have to take a train or bus to both the theater and cinema.

*Farmers' Markets: LDN and NYC, though, sometimes, I felt that the variety of produce to be found at the NYC FMs was a bit lacking.  Let's just say that both these towns aren't in California.

*More temperate climate: LDN

The above link shows the yearly temperature averages for London.  The chart's graph resembles a very slight frown ranging from the 40s to the 70s.
Of course, there will be days when the temp. will dip into the 30s and there will be days when the temp. reaches up into the 80s, but, thankfully, those days aren't the norm.  New York City, by comparison, will be much colder in Winter and much hotter, and, usually, more humid in the Summer.  Ick.

Well, the "reds" beat the "blues", I'd have to say.  I'm glad to be living here, fo' so'!

And, in case anyone cares, these are worth mentioning, but non-essential to me as a city dweller:

*Pan-Latin cuisine: NYC
*Home delivery, speedy-quick, of just about anything one can think of: NYC
*Subway open past midnight: NYC
*Being in the city, but having it feel a bit like the country: LDN
*Mounted police: NYC and LDN--I love the sight of 'em!

I invite folk to disagree with me on any and all points above.  I've not lived here long, and I certainly didn't live in NYC long, so, really, what do YOU think?


  1. Public bathing in a lake in the middle of the city: LDN.

  2. Drinking a brewski during a movie at the cinema: LDN.


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