Sunday, September 18, 2011

7 Things

1)    Your most beautiful moment: I don't have a most "beautiful" moment, but I do have a few really ugly ones (see #4).  The early posts were mostly about how I hated living in NYC.  Two from this period that I like, although they are a bit harsh, are: the short one  and  the "h8" one.

2)    A post that didn't get the attention you thought it deserved: If I thought any of my posts "deserved" attention, then I should quit writing this blog right now.  I certainly do hope that people will want to read my posts, but I can't be caught up in wondering if they do, and, if so, then how many.  That, for me, would be a crazy-making exercise.

3)    Your most popular blog post: as of right now, the most viewed post would seem to be one I wrote about the film Bridesmaids (super funny film) and my own experience as a bridesmaid--the one and only time, might I add--when I was in my early 20s.  After reading the post, an old high school friend emailed me her recollections of having been a bridesmaid.  It feels good to stimulate other folks' memories on a given topic.  And, in case you couldn't guess it, I love reading about other people's lives and experiences.

4)    Your most controversial blog post is called : ...or is it an adulterer and a musician?  In this post I talk major shit about my husband's ex-wife.  Nuff said.

5)    Your most helpful post: Well, if anyone reading my blog is also an ex-pat living in London, then I'd say that these posts may be "most helpful":Word To The Foreign, English English and Flats to let.

6)    A post whose success surprised me: no "success" here, but on this entry someone anonymously commented, "cool story bro."  This reminds me of another time that I was mistaken for a man by a liquor store clerk.  He had called me "sir", and I responded with, "I'm a woman."  "Oh, sorry, lady."  Wah-waaaaah. 

7)    The post I had the most fun writing* is: Why I'm here, the guest post.  I'm glad to have an "origin story", as it were.

*I changed the language from proud of to fun writing.  I can't say I'm proud, really, of any of them, but I can read previous entries and think, that's a fun read!


  1. I love your blog Bea, it is on my short list of the ones I always try to make the time to read...and with all that I have been doing this summer....well... just know I DO read them, I just feel kinda shitty that I haven't left all the comments I've wanted to. Workin' on it!

  2. @GG: Ditto, and, might I add, many, many thanks, m'dear! May your Fall be a bit calmer, if, hopefully also lucrative! xoBea

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