Friday, October 7, 2011

Little America

Hey, all you ex-pats from the US!  Are ya homesick?  If so, then come on down to Greenwich and be among your own kind.

On most days at the shop where I work at least one American comes in looking for a mixing bowl, cake tin, spatula, or what have you.  Maybe they seem to be frequenting the shop because they're all missing home and stuffing those feelings with some nice, home-baked cake!  Well, whatever the reason for their pronounced presence, it's fair to say that many-an American lives in Greenwich.

Yesterday, I met a lovely woman from my home state of California.  Not only was she from CA., but she was from a part of CA. that I know fairly well as it was the vacation spot of my youth.  Grass Valley, in the NE part of Gold Rush Country, was where the family would go on its annual camping trip for two weeks each Summer.  We'd actually camp just outside town at a place called Scots Flat Lake, but come into town for sundries, a night out which usually meant going to the local bowling alley, and, maybe, just a walk around downtown.  It was like a vacation from the vacation, really.

Scots Flat Lake, Nevada County

Of the Americans coming in to buy cupcake cases and silicone spatulas I'd say all but one has introduced themselves to me.  "What's your name?  I'm Nina-Anne-Patty-Joy.  Nice to meet you!"  And then they leave with a "see you later!" hanging in the air.

The Brits never introduce themselves.  Although I have had the odd Welshman sing me a Welsh ditty (read: not in English) before buying a Nicholas Mosse milk jug for his mother-in-law.  

"Barnyard" Motif

Missing food from back home?  There are some third-rate Mexican and Tex Mex places in the village center for one's eating, ahem, pleasure.  English village=beans and rice and fajitas, I guess.  Who knew?  Who wanted it?  Where's my baked beans on toast?

Ye Olde Tex-Mexican King's Head

Although I'm able to have chips and salsa washed down by a margarita whenever I want, I do feel like I'm far from California here in Greenwich, and, aside from missing home a bit, it's a good thing.  When I am feeling homesick I can count on other Americans living locally to come into the shop where I work, buy a pan, and, inadvertently, cheer me up.


  1. That's awesome you can find a little bit of home where ever you are :)

  2. Today's Ami: Cindy from Texas!

  3. Yesterday's Ami: Lulu who attended American School here and said "cool" like someone from No. Cal. She sorta counts, right?

  4. Yesterday's Ami: Ivy from Queens!

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  6. Mucho guac, Trish! We've even made tacos now and again.:)


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