Friday, May 25, 2012

The big 5-0.

Well, my sister just turned 50, so now I feel old-ish.  It's weird to think that the person who made me pick up a bee when I was, like, four years old because 'bees our are friends', and then it stung me and I cried, and who did the crazy, sneak-up-and-scream in my ear and/or fart loudly behind me is now overly middle-aged.

Could the person who used to pinch clothes from my closet (I was twelve, she was twenty) really be a fully fledged fifty-year-old adult?  Never mind her age--20, 50--she shouldn't have taken my stuff without asking. It's not like I would have said 'yes' had she actually asked.  She probably knew that, and thought it best to dispense with the whole ask-because-it's-polite thing.

I had a favorite top that she 'liberated' from my room and wore to 'picture day' at her job.  She came over--I think she'd moved out/almost moved out of the house by this point--and showed off her pic.  And, what do you know, she's wearing my panda top.  I remember thinking: wait a minute!  That's my top!  All the countless other things I'm sure she also borrowed were never documented in such a way, so I can only speculate what all else she thought was appropriate to wear from a 12-year-old's closet.  -rainbow shirt with unicorn on it?  -my zodiac sign jersey with purple sleeves?  She could have nicked those, too, and I'll never know.


  1. OoOoO I would have been so mad! My sister and I were different sizes, close in age though. Our styles were a bit different as well. Sounds like your sis "liberated" some super awesome clothes from your closet!

  2. I was very mad, but, being the older sister, she would just shut me down with some cutting remark. Dad was too busy with work and his girlfriend to really get a handle on the situation. I think my sister didn't really have a 'style', she just went for what she thought would work in the moment. So, I take it you never borrowed from your sister's closet without asking? :D

  3. A twenty year old that pilfers a 12 yr old's "Rainbow shirt with unicorn" on it?! Oh, priceless.


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