Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cruising II


Andrea drove an orange Duster with an image of the Road Runner along the back side panel.  The car had a scoop on the hood and purred like a big old cat when she started it up.  Andrea must've been a few years older than the rest of us because she could already buy beer.  The high rider she drove and her access to alcohol made Andrea cool.  I have no idea where she was from--not from Pacifica, I think--it just seemed that one day she drove into town and became a part of life there for a while at least. 

There was a drive-in movie theater down in Burlingame off 101 that many of us from town used to go to on the weekends.  I think we went as much for the checking out of Peninsula dudes, eating crap concessions food, and guzzling cheap beer as we did for the movies being shown.  I 'sat' through two runs of a double feature many-a Friday night, but couldn't tell ya what I saw.  I do, however, have vague memories of watching Aliens II, I think it was, and having the begeezus scared out of me!

My friends and I weren't exactly flush with cash back then as our teen-age allowances were meager, so Andrea had the idea to smuggle at least four of us girls into the drive-in in the trunk of her car.  We drove as close to the entrance of the drive-in as we could manage without being seen by the dudes at the entrance gate before Andrea pulled over, and, we, those of us with not enough money to get in, got into the back of her car.  I was in the trunk with Sandy L. and some other chicks, but I don't remember who now.  It was cramped and dark and it sucked, but we did it.  We were talking to keep our minds off the fact that we were stuck in the trunk of this chick's car.  At the entrance Andrea yelled at us to shut up lest we be found out.  I wonder what the neighboring movie-watchers must have thought when they saw a gaggle of girls climbing out of the back of a pumpkin-coloured high-rider just in time for the movie to start.  At least no one, as we used to say, 'narced' on us.


  1. We didn't have any drive ins here. Which sucks a little. Always seemed cool in the movies :) Fun story! (and Im baaaaack, yay)

  2. Duuude, you're baaaaack. Sweet!


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