Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's the little things...

We've been in our new place since August the 3rd.  We've not had functioning lights in both the hallway and guest bathroom for the duration.  This is not because I've let things slide, and not phoned the electrician responsible for maintaining this building.  Instead, our partial darkness is due to the electrician being a self-admitted forgetful person.  I rang him the weekend after we'd moved in.  I identified myself, outlined the problem, and hoped for the best.  He said somthing to the effect of 'I'll call you tomorrow' and we left it at that.  Well, Tuesday quickly became Friday, so I rang him at the end of the week only to be told, 'Oh!  I totally forgot about you.'  Great, just great.  So, now the plan was that he'd call me first thing on Monday of the following week, and we'd set an appt. for him to come by and check out the lights.  Monday came and went.  On Tuesday, I rang him once again to be told that he'd forgotten to call.  Does this man not write anything down???  Then he tells me call him tomorrow morning between 8 and 9, so that we may set up an appt. for him to come and fix the problem with the lights.  Incidentally, he knows what the problem is, and, indeed, said that whatever he'd done while here as the flat lay empty was the reason for the partial darkness.  And, again, this is just great.

I called him this morning.  He's slated to come by tomorrow morning to check out the fuse box and lights.  Let's hope he's written the appt. down in his diary! 


  1. As of now, the electrician is 40 minutes late. Either he's been in a car accident, or he's simply going about his day without a thought in his head about our scheduled appointment. Super!

  2. His appt. window was between 9.30-10.30. He 'overslept' and arrived at noon. He was finished by 3pm. :S


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