Saturday, August 18, 2012

Merci vielmal

I had just finished showing the old (yet-still-paying-rent-on) apartment to three 'interested' couples.  They came in slow waves throughout the course of a very hot afternoon.  Two of the pairs were keen on not renting 'immediately' as noted in the listing, or even anywhere nearer to Sept. than October.  October, I should mention, is when all folk are able to leave their leases, without penalty, and slip into another flat, as wanted.  Ah, what a fine way to spend a sunny Saturday!

Anyway, I had finished up with that jazz, hopped on the no. 9, and was making my way back to the new flat when an elderly woman got on the tram.  She was making her way up the aisle when the tram moved forward, knocking the old woman back a step.  My first instinct was to put my hand out, which I did, in case she needed righting.  The woman sitting diagonally across from me seemed equally alert.  She looked on from her seat, arms out, and I looked on from mine, right arm extended.  The seemingly frail woman let herself be moved back a bit by the force of the tram, landing in the sit across from me.  She positioned herself so she sat facing the window, sideways in her seat.  I thought that perhaps she didn't enjoy sitting backward, so I asked her if she'd like to take my seat facing forward.  She reached over, patted me knee and said, 'no, that's very nice of you, but I'm all right.'  A few stops later she slowly stood up to get off the tram.  I watched her in case she needed help keeping upright.  It was then that I noticed her nose had begun to bleed quite heavily.  The woman sitting diagonally from me and I made eye-contact.  I began rummaging through my bag looking for a tissue.   I looked back up in time to see both the elderly lady exiting the tram and the woman with whom I'd made eye-contact holding out a small package of tissues.  She said something to the effect of, 'here, take them'.  I did and jumped off the tram just before the doors closed to give the elderly woman a tissue.  As I approached, I saw that she was just about to lift the fine, white blouse she was wearing up to her nose in order to catch the thick, red drip.  I extended a tissue.  She took it and said, 'Merci vielmal'.  It was then that I handed her a second tissue, and asked if she wanted further assistance.  Her free hand touching mine, she said, 'no thank you.  -very kind of you' before making her way across the street, tissue clutched to her nose.  It was only when I arrived home that I noticed a tiny smear of red across the back of my left hand.


  1. The competition to be the "nicer" one.

    1. -interesting take on things, IJdn.

      Should I make it to a ripe, old age, I sort of hope someone might put a hand out to catch me should I start to topple over. :)

      The whole experience just made me feel very sad.


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