Monday, August 20, 2012

Teeth gritting

I recently posted a snippet on another dear blogger's site re: Mitt Romney's behavior while on the campaign trail.  As I wrote my two pences' worth, I had a feeling that someone would respond negatively, so I wrote only facts, and my feelings in response to said facts.  One can't really argue with facts, right?  Well, I guess one can.  I guess one can 'vehemently disagree', as another poster did, with things that have actually transpired. 

So, again, here are the facts:
Mitt Romney doubts success of LDN Olympics during his recent London visit.

Romney confuses 'sikh' with 'sheikh' during a tribute to the Wisconsin sikh temple shooting victims.


  1. I saw that post, if it's the one I think it is ;) I can agree all around with everything and everyone because they both have their points and then they're both just doing things wrong at the same time. I still have no idea though. I'm so torn!!! Don't let the other party get you down though. There is more to life than worrying with their idiocy! :)

  2. Yeah, I think what gets me is that folk just fall back on well-worn (like grooves on a record) responses to things that they don't agree with. One shouldn't assume that I'm an Obama-supporter just because I mention some of Romney's supreme gaffes. I might just go out and vote for Ron Paul, you know?

    Anyway, thanks for the comments, D! With Gillian kind of off the radar (and very much missed), you're just about the only one that leaves me a note with any regularity, and for that I am extremely grateful! :D

    xoxo's to you from afar, my dear!


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